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We combine artificial intelligence with automation to deliver cognitive inspection of defects in the manufacturing domain to enhance quality and efficiency of your manufacturing. Go beyond traditional machine vision and achieve accuracy rates of 98% , align to Industry 4.0 and more

Work Smarter Not Harder

Defect detection.jpeg

Surface defect

Designed to look for specifically defined objects

Jidoka named CB Insights most promising Advanced Manufacturing startup 50 -Visual Inspection
Jidoka Technologies for AI based computer vision/Quality needs 

Why leading Brands are choosing the AI way



100 % inspection

100% of the time
Fewer rejections
Better customer satisfaction
More confidence, more orders 


Savings & Cost Optimization

Greater throughput – more earnings
Fewer false positives – more savings


Work Smart, 
not Hard

Use your expertise to manage exceptions not waste it on mundane repetitive tasks
Catch drifts in process/defects in time they risk Increasing business exposure to rework 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Items Inspected




Items / Minute

Challenges in Quality Control

Expert Relaince.png
Reliance on individuals - Expensive and shortage of expertise
  • Inconsistent output - Human accuracy is about 85%

  • Manual Inspection is highly subjective. Results in inconsistent output . 

  • Excess false positives, wasteful rejection

Conflict between speed of production and quality control
  • In high volume production lines, visual inspection becomes the bottleneck process

  • Quality control is usually done in batches – accuracy and traceability in question

Machine Vision.png
Traditional machine vision has not worked
  • Existing machine vision solutions are not equipped to handle drift in manufacturing process.

  • Cost of repurposing - High

Jidoka Technologies

An AI-first company with an award-winning Automated Cognitive Quality Control Solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence with automation to enhance the quality and efficiency of QC in manufacturing. Aligned to Industry 4.0, we make your digital transformation journey seamless. We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision/Audio to delivery the transformation 

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 3.02.47 PM.png

The Jidoka Prism - Quality Inspection Platform

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