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We are an AI-first company combining Artificial Intelligence with custom automation to enhance the quality and efficiency of QC in manufacturing cognitive solutions specialized in automating detection of visual defects across various industries.

Proven Scalable Edge based AI/Deep learning algorithms &  Machine Vision to take organizations from decision making to delivering continuous improvement in their quality journey. Backed by 2 patents.



Leadership comprises of  experience in 

  • SAAS/Platform development 

  • Manufacturing domain

  • Entrepreneurship

Advisor – Rostow Ravanan

 - A Technology Entrepreneur

 - Team of passionate millennials including

 - Program Managers, Data Scientists, Data & Hardware Engineers

Our Core Team


Our Journey

MAY 2018

Q1 - 2019

Kompass MVP
1st Patent filed

Q2 - 2019

1st customer Released Hardware Platform - Tigris
2nd Patent filed Angel lnvestment

Q3 - 2020

3rd customer Released Hardware Platform - Huron
Kompass v2.0

Q4 - 2021

13th customer Cobot based Deployment 1st customer in FMCG NVH Capability

Q1 - 2022

Anomaly-based defect detection feature added
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