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Engagement Methodology

The Jidoka Prism

We believe in working with you, while you scale and grow – and so, we offer our solution too in a scalable manner and deliver results not just software or hardware

You can choose to:

  1. Incorporate our complete solution - the patented Software and AI engine + the hardware + the automation

  2. Incorporate our core solution – the patented Software and AI engine and map it to your existing hardware and automation.

  3. Implement STEAM methodology to leveraging our best practices

The Jidoka Process


We collate product information and manufacturing process details.


We get an understanding of the current QC decision making process – from the SME. The current defects being looked for, exceptions, inclusions, acceptable and unacceptable levels for each type of defect etc.


We conduct a detailed study of the set of products.


We collect samples and create a data lake of instances to tune & localize deep learning-based algorithms in AI to your specific environment. 


We define the ideal environment needed to create a digital twin – Hardware selection.


We deliver a POC.


Based on further inputs of requirements, we draw up a scope and work.


Sign up & Installation


We assign one engineer on site for a mutually agreed period, to work with the SME to refine the system further.


We train your operations and maintenance teams for day to day operations.

We Promise To Deliver

An ROI Positive Solution that helps you achieve :

A Better bottom line - Saving/Earning

  • Improve efficiency - optimizing cost/resources, compliance

  • Increased throughput to meet rising demand

  • Save on wastage/false positives

Deliver defect-free products

  • Quality and Quantity (consistency and accuracy)

  • Identify drifts in the process – reduce risk of business exposure to rework 

  • Build traceability for produce – minimize loss due to recalls

Leverage technology for business growth

  • Technology adoption - AI on the shop floor

  • Stay ahead with innovation & projects

  • Quality and Quantity (consistency and accuracy)

  • ​Seamless transition

Improve customer experience

  • Deliver defect-free products - reduce complaints

  • Build trust, customer confidence 

  • Continued orders to build long term relationships with customers

Implement digital transformation with minimal disruption

  • End to end automation, analytics and community knowledge for continuous growth

  • Reclaim/repurpose assets for forward integration. 

  • Seamless transition journey with a reliable partner

  • Industry 4.0 Alignment

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