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Deep Learning-based Edge AI solution and the decision engine – KOMPASS for Inferencing & Visualization

  • Up to 10,000 Inferences per min, minimum 99% Accuracy coupled with Action

  • Defect inspection using Operational Digital Twin and Deep Learning-based algorithms 

  • Increase manufacturing agility with 100% visual inspection

  • AI-generated analytics to capture community knowledge and process drifts

  • Low code implementation

  • Kickstarts implementation with as less as 30 images

  • Containerised Applications/AI Models for ease of deployment and scalability

  • Vertical solutions for Incoming, In-process(Individual/Multi-line) and final Inspection leveraging..

Our Products


  • Kompass is a deeplearning-based defect detection software that marries real-time decision making to state-of-the-art AI to create an end-to-end system for visual defect system.

  • Kompass processes all images parallelly, creates a operational digital twin – an elaborate 3D model of your product, maps it to the extensive data model to make real-time decisions on visual defects while sharing insights and quality reports instantly

  • Kompass can be configured to work for your specifc use case such as Incoming,In-Process(Individual/Multi-line and Final Inspection.

  • Provides traceablity to upstream/downstream operations

  • Containerised Application/Model to scale on edge/cloud

  • Kompass paired with any of our hardware architecture models can be used for dimensional measurements, sorting, and inventory for a range of products, across various industries. It supports Object Detection, Anomoly, and Classification models

It Can:

  • increase throughput (up to 33%)

  • increase defect accuracy (at least 98%)

  • Increase speed of inspection (by at least 20%)

  • reduce excess wastage (by over 30%)

  • Reduce fatigue, stress in QC team (efficiency up 10-20%)

  • reduce visual inspection resources (5-10%)

  • reduce HR costs (up to 5%)

  • It provides insights into manufacturing anomalies

  • Allows you to upskill the SME by shifting their focus from mundane quality checks to a continuous recalibration of defects


  • we are launching “Nagare” - that will deliver cutting edge process monitoring automations for manufacturing and logistics.​

  • Capabilities of Nagare

    • Digital work instructions

    • Operations poka-yoke 

    • Time and Motion study analytics

  • Applications include

    • Multi-component assembly operations –​

    • Multi-gauge inspection: Step verification for multi-gauge inspection on a finished part

    • Kit packing: Make sure all the correct parts go into each package

    • Training academies: Establish skill-assessment stations to onboard resources to your shop floor

It Can:

  • Real time poka yoke to achieve zero defect occurrence in assembly operations

  • Eliminate >20% of unplanned downtimes that are due to man-errors

  • Use case specific business insights and analytics to drive process improvements

  • Deployment on the edge with ability to serve multiple camera stations with one computer

  • Scalable platform built with low-cost commodity hardware like CCTV cameras

  • Face blurring / pixelation, ensuring worker privacy

  • <12 month Return on Investment

  • Achieve Quality + Productivity + Safety on your manufacturing shop-floors

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