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Automation With A Human Touch

Employing World-Class Technology to Drive Quantum Change to Quality

AI Powered QC System

We combine artificial intelligence with automation to deliver cognitive inspection of defects in the manufacturing domain to

  • ·Bring quantum change to  quality with automatic inspection, detection

  • reduce variation, eliminate uncertainty, and accelerate productivity with standardized, scalable solution

  • Reduce Waste.

Go beyond traditional machine vision and achieve accuracy rates of 99% , align to Industry 5.0 and more

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Using machine vision to detect anomalies and defects in your manufacturing process, Jidoka's deeplearning-based software Kompass, helps you increase product quality, maximize operational efficiency, and ensure detection accuracy.


Choose The AI Way

Leading brands are leveraging AI to power automated cognitive QC solutions with 100% uptime. Allowing you to create fully automated, fast, accurate, and consistent decision making to ensure high quality products with greater throughput and fewer false positives.


End To End Solution

AI based Automation ensures consistent, repeatable, and accurate output for manufacturing companies. Jidoka's scaled architecture supports 125 inferences/min to 10,000+ inferences/min with more than 99% accuracy.


Anything that doesn't look like the original is classified as a defect.


Designed to look for low number of defects in specific areas.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Items Inspected




Items / Minute

Industries We Work With

Read more about our solutions offerings and see how we can help you.

The Jidoka Prism

One Software, Any Hardware Platform

A Deep learning algorithm that helps harness human intelligence to improve visual inspection outcomes. It replicates human intelligence and processes it for high speed - consistently and continuously 




A twin linear conveyor system with part flipping that uses multiple cameras to see all the sides of the product by flipping it on a belt. It can detect up to 120 parts per minute with an accuracy rate of up to 98%



  • A two-axis inspection table designed to detect small, minute defects in flat products that need inspection on top and bottom surfaces.

  • Fugin can be suitable in Electronics industry for Printed Circuit Boards, in Automobile industry for Airbags inspection, for machining tools inspection and for the textile industry as well.


A full function Al enabled defect detection system that uses multiple cameras to see all the sides of the product without flipping. It can detect up to 250 parts per minute with an accuracv rate of up to 98% 



A manual load and unload system that allows for a human to place the object individually for review. It is a cost-effective Visual Inspection system that is suitable for instances of selective checking and when there is sufficient cycle time for inspection.

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Employing world-class technology to drive Quantum Change to Quality

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