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10 Jun 2024

Integrated, Centrally-Managed Machine Vision for Built-In Quality

Challenges in manufacturing

9 Apr 2024

How Harnessing Edge Learning AI Technology Simplifies Manufacturing Processes

4 Apr 2023

Challenges in implementing quality control in manufacturing and how to address them

In all manufacturing setups across industry verticals, the quality of the product is a critical aspect, more so in high-precision parts manufacturers. Any failure to ensure superior standards of quality could result in disasters for end customers. The quality control process which consists of best practices to deliver products with zero defects has to be religiously followed if the company has to remain competitive. With strict adherence to quality control measures, manufacturers can reduce scrap, and safeguard themselves from any damage to their brand and other losses as a result of defective products

25 Jan 2023

Jidoka Technologies announces the appointment of Auto industry veteran, Shyam Kumar as Director of Sales and Marketing

Jidoka Technologies, the leader in automated cognitive inspection for the manufacturing industry, today announced the appointment of Shyam Kumar R as the organization’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Shyam is an auto industry veteran with over three decades of experience and has held multiple leadership positions with leading auto manufacturers across India.

10 Jan 2023

Jidoka Technologies Signs Reseller Agreement with Cybernetics

Jidoka Technologies has announced Value Added Reseller Agreement with Cybernetics. Jidoka’s QC solutions deliver complete automation of visual inspection, which is a highly subjective process. They automate the process of visual quality while increasing consistency and accuracy at high speed, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

6 Jan 2023

New tech on the block: SaaS, FinTech, metaverse, cybersecurity, AI

Jidoka Technologies, a compnay in the field of automated cognitive inspection for manufacturing, has recently launched Kompass 3.0, a next-gen AI-enabled visual inspection solution.  The updated platform is a result of Jidoka further strengthening its technological innovation capabilities.  This latest version of the solution has made the organization rapidly respond to changes in the market and customer requirements, thereby giving customers the much-needed competitive edge.

28 Dec 2022

Mahindra Logistics looks to achieve >99% accuracy in package counting and inspection across all its warehouses through AI computer vision; signs technology alliance with Jidoka Technologies

CXO Today

23 Nov 2022

Re-Imagining Manufacturing Quality With AI And Edge

High product quality is the lifeline of any manufacturing company and this aspect will make or break the brand.  Yes, quality matters, and only by paying keen attention to it can organizations achieve a good reputation with customers coming back for more.  Issues related to quality such as errors due to manual inspection, use of outdated technology, poor maintenance of equipment, and worn-out calibration tools will lead to quality defects.

22 Nov 2022

Jidoka Looks to Expand

The Hindu Businessline

1 Sept 2022

Jidoka Technologies emerging leader in AI-driven Quality Inspection space

Manufacturing Today

28 Aug 2022

Would you like to evaluate the Maturity of the QC process in Manufacturing

Maturity Evaluation

1 May 2022

The Chennai Angels invests in Jidoka

The Hindu

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